The Window by Diane di Prima


you are my bread
and the hairline
of my bones
you are almost
the sea

you are not stone
or molten sound
I think
you have no hands

this kind of bird flies backward
and this love
breaks on a windowpane
where no light talks

this is not time
for crossing tongues
(the sand here
never shifts)

I think
turned you with his toe
and you will
and shine
unspent and underground




Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Background: Network Administration

Goals: Prepare for a career switch

Pre-Thinkful Skills: HTML, CSS3, Illustrator & Photoshop

About Rose

Rose has spent the bulk of her career as “the only woman in the IT department.” She has network administration experience and a background in web design. With range of skills, Rose is ready to delve into her programming education in preparation for a career switch. Rose recently learned her current position was being eliminated and she is setting out to learn to code, or what she calls “the skills of the future.”  

Hey Rose! Tell us why you’re learning to code this summer.

I’m a single parent and I was told in May that I’d be losing my job in three to four months. Web applications are clearly the future of the tech industry so I decided to take the plunge. 

What skills did you have before Thinkful?

Most of my career has been in help desk and network administration. I came to Thinkful with CSS3, Illustrator, and Photoshop skills. I also have a smidgen of pure Ruby and some Rails experience.

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